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A free standing vertical structural member of a building that supports either a roof, a porch, or a decorative architrave. See also Capital, Shaft, Base, or Scotia. Composite, Corinthian, Doric, Ionic and Tuscan are the basic types..

Doric - Canada (19th c.)
Corinthian - France (17th c.)
Ionic - Switzerland (100 A.D.)
Tuscan - Kingston (19th c.)
Composite - Hamilton
Bud Capital - Egypt
Greek Columns
Post Modern - Thunder Bay
Gaudi - Parc Güell - Barcelona - Spain
Paired - Seville - Spain
Floral - Barcelona - Spain
University - Granada - Spain
Appliquéd - Fes - Morocco
Baldachino - St. Peter's - Rome
Doge's Palace - Venice - Italy (1419)
Thunder Bay
Geminated - Granada - Spain
Sault Ste. Marie
Tate Gallery - London - England
Clustered - Siena - Italy
London - England
London - England
Downward Tapering - London - England
Base Shaft Entablature Capital Capital Entablature